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“It became clear to me from a young age that furniture design and making was my passion. The organic formations and asymmetrical balance of natural forms and occurrences are what truly drive and inspire me to create my pieces.”

“As well as taking inspiration from nature and land formations, I use  a range of techniques and materials to create my pieces. These portray the depth of the story behind my work, involving the viewer and inviting them to make their own connection with the inspiration and story behind the piece.”

Matthew began his training at the age of sixteen. He studied for three years at Moulton College where he achieved a distinction for his work. He then went on to Buckinghamshire New University where he achieved a BA Honours Degree. Since this, Matthew has exhibited work in a number of exhibitions, including the Celebration of Craftsmanship & design 2012 where he exhibited his award winning work - ‘The Alan Peter’s Award for Excellence’ . He has worked alongside highly respected names in the industry and worked with a prolific designer/maker in Ireland for one year. Matthew has also been a guest speaker at a college where he was invited to share his experiences of his career.

As well as creating his own pieces. Matthew offers commissioned work, where he works with clients to create a piece or pieces which complement the home they are in. Matthew works with his clients to discuss the piece and talk through initial design ideas which eventually lead to a finished piece of furniture which has its own story and inspirations to fit to the clients’ desires.